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May River Flooring is the largest hardwood flooring installer in Bluffton, SC. We are uniquely positioned to offer you the largest selection of Hardwood Flooring, Wide Plank Flooring, and Reclaimed Hardwood Flooring and numerous other wood flooring options. We strive to be your hardwood flooring center in the Lowcountry. We serve residential and commercial customers, as well as builders, remodelers, interior designers, and more!

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Hardwood floors are durable and have stood the test of time. Homes that are more than 100 years old can still have the original flooring if they have been cared for properly.

Endless Possibilities

The color trends for kitchens change over the years but the good news is, so can your hardwood floor! Solid hardwood floors can be re-sanded and stained to fit current trends or desires.

Cost Effective

Hardwood flooring can be sanded and refinished multiple times rather than replaced like other flooring material. You can drastically change your home's look and feel by sanding your floor and applying a stain/oil that is either darker or lighter to match your next design.

Easy To Clean

Because hardwood floors are extremely easy to clean, this benefit is frequently a decisive factor for homeowners. Hardwood experts explain that the material itself does not accumulate much dirt, dust, and debris. You will only need to vacuum them and occasionally mop with a wet mop. After the cleaning you only need to dry them out.


If you plan to use hardwood, you can expect to have a great choice to decorate each of your rooms separately. The variety of hardwood options offered by the manufacturers today is enormous.

Increased Home Value

With an elegant aesthetic, hardwood flooring, gives warmth and beauty that will never go out of style....for years and years to come. Hardwood ages like wine, the older it is the more it will be worth later down the road. Many residential homeowners acknowledge the fact that it allows for a faster sale when selling your home.

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Hardwood Flooring FAQs

Depending on the individual homeowner, shopping for hardwood flooring can be either a fun and easy process or a very tedious and time consuming one. Some homeowners know exactly what they like and what they want. In other cases, some people spend hours, days, weeks or longer searching for that perfect look. Hardwood flooring is a huge investment in your home and it’s important to find the perfect fit.

Hardwood flooring comes in many styles, finishes, colors and dimensions…allowing you to achieve  the home design of your dreams. Hardwood floor selection in Bluffton rivals other major cities that offer the latest trends in hardwood flooring, therefore, selecting your new hardwood flooring can be challenging. May River Flooring in Bluffton offers thousands of brands, styles, and colors, giving you the ability to select the perfect hardwood floor style and color for your home. Not quite sure what you’re looking for? Let our expert staff help you in the process. Our experienced and knowledgeable employees can help with look, design, feel, and….budget!

Solid hardwood is the original hardwood option. It features a simple construction of a solid piece of lumber that is usually ¾” thick. Solid hardwood has a unique characteristic that cannot be replicated by any other flooring option. As a result, solid hardwood adds value to your home, and it is also a long-lasting option. Solid hardwood can be refinished, but how many times depends on how thick the tongue is on the side of the plank.

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May River Flooring offers a wide variety of flooring options. As you’re in the process of selecting the flooring option that’s right for you, you may be overwhelmed at all the details you need to consider. We can help you through the process to make sure you get not only the proper flooring for your home but the flooring of your dreams!

When it comes to hardwood flooring, you have the option to select the installation method, type of wood, solid or engineered, and type of finish. We offer many hardwood flooring options, including Oak, Maple, Walnut, Ash, Beech, Birch, and Hickory, as well as many other exotic options including Brazilian Cherry, Santos Mahogany, Tigerwood, and more.

Are you interested in a certain look or characteristic for your flooring? With some brands, you have the option of premium or character-grade options including reclaimed timber, natural distressing, raised knots, artfully distressed surface scrapes, nail holes, notches, saw kerf marks, or other unique characteristics.

There’s no right or wrong answer when choosing your favorite flooring. To help you select the hardwood flooring that best suits your preferences, stop by our Bluffton Hardwood Floor showroom!

Hardwood flooring has been the preferred flooring option for decades. Long-lasting, aesthetically pleasing, and durable, hardwood flooring/refinishing might be exactly what you need to give your home a brand new look and maximize its value.

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When looking for a local Bluffton hardwood flooring contractor, look no further than May River Flooring. We know that to end up with an amazing hardwood flooring project, there are many factors that need to happen first. We strive to deliver an extraordinary experience from start to finish with your new hardwood floor. You can expect prompt service, returned phone calls, and staying on budget with May River Flooring.

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