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Are you trying to decide if laminate flooring is the right flooring choice for your Bluffton home? Let us help you decide and ensure that you’re getting the right flooring options for your particular situation. Laminate flooring is increasing in popularity…and for good reason. The industry continues to evolve and there are many options when it comes to installing laminate flooring.

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Laminate Flooring FAQs

There are many misconceptions about what laminate flooring is, whether it is actually made from real wood, and where are the best places to use laminate flooring in your home.

Regardless of if you are shopping for laminate flooring for a new home or are just replacing a worn floor, we have the guidance to assist you in your floor buying process. You can read our in-depth guide about what is laminate flooring right here.

Laminate flooring is an engineered floor, meaning it’s completely manufactured and created in a factory. Most manufacturers join three to four layers of materials to create the final flooring product.

These layers can consist of recycled wood, fibers, or a composite material bonded to a sturdy base and topped with a decorative finish (which is the wood texture you see when installed).

One of the huge benefits of laminate flooring is the consistency of the final product. Each and every board is uniform in size and shape and ensures that your floor installation will look amazing.

Now, just because it’s uniform doesn’t mean it’s cookie-cutter. Laminate flooring looks just like real hardwood and, in some cases, can be even more desirable, especially where durability is required.

Laminate flooring can also help quiet noise from above or below because of its dense build. This is a great feature for busy families, rental units, or other high traffic areas. The sound deadening trait is great on multi-level buildings such as two and three story homes.

Because of the way laminate flooring is manufactured, it also allows for it to be installed over different sub-floor options. From new construction scenarios to installing in historic homes, the resilient base layer will make sure that your laminate flooring installation looks great…no matter what the sub-floor looks like.

In some cases we might need to do a little more prep work, however, laminate flooring is still a great choice for most homeowners.

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Bluffton, South Carolina, Laminate Floor Installer

We touched on installing laminate flooring above, but let’s talk a little more about it. Just like many flooring options, using a professional flooring installer will ensure your floor will last for many years to come. Most homeowners don’t realize that the second reason a floor fail (after water damage) is because of improper floor installation.

As area residents, May River Flooring is part of the Bluffton community. Our kids to to school here, we raise our families here, and we take pride in knowing that we serve our friends and neighbors. It’s for this reason that we take such great care and give great attention to detail when installing your new laminate flooring. From sub-floor preparation to the final cutting around trim, our install team is the best in the business.

We are certified as factory laminate flooring installers by many of the brands we carry and you can look through our project gallery to see the quality of our craftsmanship. Unlike what the home improvement shows want you to believe, there is more to laying down laminate flooring than a quick Saturday morning DIY project. Some styles are very technical in their installation requirements, especially in terms of how the floor locks or “snaps” into place. A long cut here may make the floor buckle way over there. You can rely upon our experience when it comes to installing your beautiful new laminate flooring.

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Today, more than ever, it’s important to choose a local flooring company that will stand behind their products and installation. Here at May River Flooring, we take not only our reputation, but also our customer’s satisfaction to heart. We take pride in our workmanship and always strive for a job well done…we want you to be a customer for life! So, if you need laminate flooring in Bluffton, SC, we would be honored if you considered using the experts at May River Flooring.

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