Premium Vinyl Flooring In Your Bluffton Home Is Only a Phone Call Away

We have an assortment of vinyl styles to match your decor and endure the activities of your household.

Our luxury vinyl options come with the same top-notch standards as all our other flooring types.

May River Flooring in Bluffton, South Carolina, is the go-to store for all your vinyl flooring needs. We have an extensive inventory, which makes us the leading flooring specialist in the area and beyond. At May River Flooring, we take the hassle out of looking for a new floor for your home or business. 

Our team will help you decide which type of vinyl flooring (from sheet to floor tile, planks, or interlocking strips) is ideal for your home type or use. A vinyl sheet floor is entirely impenetrable by water and is one of the most sought-after vinyl floorings.

Vinyl flooring is popular not only because of its water-resistance, but also because it is durable, adjustably robust and insulating, easy to install, comes in various looks, and is relatively inexpensive.

Why Choose Vinyl Flooring

We Carry All Types Of Vinyl Flooring

Vinyl flooring came a long way since its mainstream introduction in the 1930’s. Once the most popular type of flooring for hard surface applications, vinyl has evolved since the tacky sheet vinyl we all remember growing up with.  New materials and technologies, enhancements in texture and color, and manufacturing techniques, has resulted in a more durable, lower maintenance, and more natural looking product.

We carry multiple lines of engineered vinyl products, traditional sheet vinyl, and multiple vinyl tile and plank options. A quick visit to our showroom will open your eyes to a whole new love of vinyl!

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Why Work With Us For Your Vinyl Flooring Needs

Endless Possibilities

Sheet flooring is ideal for kitchens and bathrooms since it does not allow water to pass through. Some varieties are suitable for use in wet rooms. We can give vinyl sheets the resilience of a profile sprung performance floor, appropriate as a sports or dance floor, because we can change the closed-cell foam backing. It can create a permanent or portable dance floor that we can install on complex surfaces like concrete. The possibilities are endless.

Easy Advantages

From nearly every viewpoint, luxury vinyl flooring has advantages. If you’re looking for something with a gorgeous appearance, luxury vinyl flooring will give you boundless options to match any decor. Every plank and tile in this product range features functionality and durability, and the flooring’s lifespan is both comfortable and not constraining. It provides you the option of not having to re-floor anytime soon, but it also doesn’t bind you to a specific line for the rest of your life.

Multiple Options

May River Flooring, Bluffton, South Carolina, has a large selection of flooring materials available at reasonable costs. Furthermore, each project we take on benefits from our nearly 40 years of flooring experience, as well as installation personnel that knows what they’re doing. Dealing with our knowledgeable team means that residents of Bluffton, Hilton Head, and its surroundings will be able to get the flooring they desire installed swiftly and efficiently.

Luxury Vinyl Flooring That Exceeds Expectations

When a homeowner fantasizes about the ideal floor, luxury vinyl is frequently the material of choice. Natural materials like ceramic and porcelain tile, natural stone, and solid hardwood provide a pleasing appearance. With luxury vinyl you can get the same beautiful designs at a lower price, plus it’s simple to maintain and clean. That’s an excellent feature for any flooring!

The design layer creates an image that so closely resembles the genuine item in luxury vinyl, that many times it’s hard to tell the difference. This close mimicking is due to a 3D-printing technology that accurately reproduces even the textures, which are crucial in the natural stone choice. The design layer is sandwiched between a backing layer and core, as well as a top protective wear layer that is scratch, scuff, and stain-resistant.

You receive a floor covering with a one hundred percent vinyl core that keeps your mind at ease since you’re entirely secured regardless of whether there’s a burst pipe, an overflow, or just splashes from the kids or pets in the bathtub.

Vinyl Flooring Aesthetics

One of the reasons vinyl sheet flooring is a top choice is because its designs simulate tile, stone, and wood. Embossing and specialized topcoats are used to mimic the texture of these materials, while a print layer is used to replicate the appearance. Higher-resolution photos are now possible thanks to recent advancements in printing technology.

Some sheet vinyl can have designs printed on them; these can be hand-drawn pictures imitating carpet patterns or photographic imagery. Printable sheet vinyl flooring is now available, and our team can get it custom-print with any picture file for you. Custom printing enables pattern customization to the measurement of the room of your choice, as well as the inclusion of cutting lines for easier installation.

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Your Local Vinyl Flooring Installer

Our installers are skilled and reliable, leaving your floors and walls flawless once they complete the installation. Sheet vinyl flooring can also be utilized outside in some cases. We can join your bathtub floors to the wall by bending the sheet flooring up the wall like a skirting board.

Vinyl is impervious to water, so it is commonly used in wetrooms to prevent water infiltration into the subfloor. Being waterproof is ideal if you have children or pets around who are constantly creating water or mud havoc. Sheet flooring can also be combined with a traditional skirting board to provide the appearance of hard flooring.

We utilize various tactics to ensure the neatest and most cost-efficient installation, depending on the area. The flooring can be glued down around the borders or left unglued. Seams may need to be sealed depending on the size of the room and sheet. To create a wetroom, vinyl flooring can be bonded to a waterproof wall surface.

You’ll be walking on your floors as soon as your installers depart, thanks to a rapid and straightforward installation process. There are no concerns with drying adhesives or stains, and there are no issues with chemicals of any type.

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