Stoney Baynard Ruins

The Stoney Baynard Ruins are located at Plantation Dr, Hilton Head Island, SC 29928, and are a testament to the island’s rich history. The ruins are all that remain of a plantation that was once a thriving center of commerce and culture.

The plantation was founded in the late 1700s by Captain John Stoney, a wealthy merchant and planter who had made his fortune in the West Indies. The plantation was named after him and was known as Stoney Baynard. Captain Stoney built a grand mansion on the property, as well as numerous outbuildings and slave quarters. Click more info about May River Flooring

The plantation was a self-sufficient community, with fields of cotton, rice, and indigo, as well as livestock and a dairy. The plantation was also home to a number of skilled craftsmen, who produced furniture, clothing, and other goods for the plantation and for sale.

Captain Stoney was a well-respected member of the community and was active in local politics. He served as a member of the state legislature and was appointed as a judge. He was also a member of the local militia and fought in the Revolutionary War.

After Captain Stoney’s death, the plantation passed down through his family and continued to prosper. However, in the late 1800s, the plantation began to decline. The Civil War and the abolition of slavery had a devastating effect on the plantation economy, and many of the plantation’s buildings fell into disrepair.

In the early 1900s, the plantation was sold to a group of investors who planned to develop the property into a resort. They built a hotel and golf course on the property, but the project was not successful and the property was abandoned.

Today, the Stoney Baynard Ruins are all that remain of the once-thriving plantation. The ruins consist of the foundations of the mansion and several outbuildings, as well as a number of grave sites. The ruins are surrounded by a thick forest and are a popular destination for history buffs and nature lovers.

Despite its history as a plantation, the Stoney Baynard Ruins are a peaceful and serene place, and visitors can easily imagine what life was like on the plantation in its heyday. The ruins are a reminder of the island’s rich history and the hard work and determination of the people who lived and worked on the plantation. Check out here about Historic Mitchelville Freedom Park

The Stoney Baynard Ruins are a fascinating and important part of Hilton Head Island’s history, and are well worth a visit for anyone interested in the island’s past. Whether you’re a history buff or just looking for a quiet place to enjoy the beauty of nature, the Stoney Baynard Ruins are a must-see destination on Hilton Head Island.

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